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Supposedly this thing will be on until the day Mt. Katla erupts. Who knows what else might happen.

[0018] As will be understood, the robot is controllable to operate in various modes, including an event mode in which the robot autonomously captures an event, including via interaction with the event participants, and produces a montage of images and/or short video clips, which may be delivered in an entertaining and stylized video format, e.g., with images flying in and out, sometimes in a collage-like fashion, and so on. In this mode, the robot may operate similarly to a professional photographer or videographer while capturing content, and further is capable of acting as an editor/producer to provide a desirable final product.

[0042] As represented by steps 306 and 308, the robot may actively interact with event participants according to some schedule, such as a human photographer/videographer may do. For example, at a wedding, the robot may shoot video of the reception for a while in a “documentarian” sub-mode, and then occasionally go up to people and ask them to say something to the bride and groom, essentially stimulating testimonials from the guests in a “stimulus” sub-mode. The robot also may position itself (or be positioned, such as placed on a table) in a stationary position, such as near the guestbook that guests sign, in order to request that guests leave an audiovisual message.

Humanity’s millenial dream/innermost desire: to make itself redundant.

This patent was registered in November by Microsoft corporation.

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